The rise of climate change deniers, pandemic deniers, QAnon quackery, the “alternative facts” of Trumpists, anti-vax conspiracies, etc., is truly alarming in a modern age where there is solid evidence falsifying most conspiracy theories, supernatural hand-waving, and the welter of far-fetched ideas. This is not the Medieval Ages, but we are seeing the reincarnation of some medieval thought processes.

I would offer the prediction that if humanity (or a major fraction thereof) walks away from the hard-earned philosophical triumphs of evidence-based reasoning, e.g., …

Netflix is offering a film entitled “Breaking Boundaries” that documents the serious danger we are in as a result of human assaults on the environment, which we once thought was nearly permanent and unbreakable.

The film centers around the work of a Swedish scientist who demonstrated that the environment can recover from our assaults as long as we do not push things past certain boundaries. Nine separate boundaries are identified and each one poses a threat to our ability to thrive, or even survive, on this planet.

Taken together, because they are all interconnected, we face a challenge humankind has…

Cosmological homogeneity has been a dubious assumption since its inception decades ago. It makes the modeling much easier and cosmologists defend it with their usual certainty.

However observational challenges to that assumption have repeatedly arisen in the form of the Sloan Great Wall, the Giant Gamma-Ray Burst Ring and the Large Quasar Group.

Now an arc of galaxies 3 billion light years long has caused the assumption of cosmological homogeneity to come under renewed assault. This structure would be 3 times bigger than allowed by the standard cosmological model and the homogeneity assumption.

Here is an article on the new research:

This would be a real game-changer if independently verified. Expect a cosmological battle over this. Stay tuned.

Particle Dark Matter - Teflon Pseudoscience

For roughly 45 years particle theorists and cosmology me-to specialists have been hawking the extremely dubious hypothesis of particle dark matter, e.g., WIMPs, axions, sparticles, dark photons, sterile neutrinos, etc, The wall of shame has very many names on post-it notes.

In spite of many hundreds of experiments in labs, deep mines, on the Moon, in near Earth orbit, deep space, in the ocean, etc., not a single dark matter particle has been found. Just false hints of something that are later falsified. After this remarkable record of failure, do particle physicists admit they…

In spite of overwhelming evidence from the past 17 years, Joe Manchin has this vision of the Republican party cooperating with the Biden administration in a bipartisan effort to right our listing Ship of State.

Anyone with a reasonably objective knowledge of recent politics knows that this is a daffy dream with almost no chance of coming true.

Can being dramatically in the spotlight on major political issues be that intoxicating? Possibly, but a person in their right mind would know that such selfishness would backfire eventually.

No, I suspect dementia.

"People have to be willing to invest, not in hype, but in true world changing ideas."

Over the past 40 years I have read comments like these by Nobel Prize winners and other influential scientists, especially as string theory, supersymmetry, WIMP fantasies, have come to naught in the last decade.

But show them a bold new paradigm and they look for the easiest way they can summarily dismiss it. When you point out that there is a good refutation for their hastily thought out criticism, they get huffy or just ignore you.

This was the case in the early 1900s, and then came Relativity and QM. We are long overdue for a paradigmatic revolution and it will almost certainly come from outside of, or from the fringes of, academia.

Revisionist "Quark-Gluon" Plasma Properties.

Regarding the "quark-gluon" plasma "evidence", theoreticians predicted that it would behave like a weakly interacting gas. The RHIC observational evidence says this prediction was WRONG.

The plasma, much to the surprise of theoretical physicists behaved like a "strongly interacting fluid", which is much more like what Discrete Scale Relativity anticipates. Of course, given time the theoretical physicists "adjusted" their model to fit the new data, and now they see it as more confirmation of the "quark" fiction. Another epicycle in their Ptolemaic models.

There is a better way to understand the subatomic realm, and it does not rely on mathematical smoke and mirrors, nor does it need "adjustments". It has stood up to all tests for 40 years: .


Another SOS Dump from a theoretical physicist.

Given the dismal record of high energy physics over the last 40 years: string thoery rubbish, supersymmetry rubbish, “WIMPs” rubbish, the "nightmare scenario" ( nothing but a Higgs bozo and very dubious and untestable Higgs field inferences) at the LHC, why do these people think they are qualified to make prophetic pronouncements about the cosmos?

The USPS does a great deal that is actually useful. It is time to end the gross under-funding, and to get rid of Dumpster Fire Don’s holdovers.

The US Senate under Machiavelli Mitch’s influence has mainly obstructed the hopes and wishes of the majority of Americans. Many senators appear to have failed logic and ethics classes while growing up. They seem to be solely motivated by re-election fund-raising and doing the bidding of the “masters of the universe” who provide those funds in exchange for their being well-behaved senatorial puppets.

Certainty Is The Enemy Of Science!

You would do well to choose your words more carefully. Otherwise you end up like most cosmologists: "Always wrong, never in doubt", as Landau put it.

What Fauci is saying is that it not certain that the lab origin is wrong. He states this not for political reasons, but because science has not completely ruled this hypothesis out, as Fauci explained.

A little less absolutism would suit you, Mr Siegel. Integrity is more important than the number of clicks and likes.

Robert Oldershaw

Student of Nature

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