“Gravitons”, my ass!

(Another Failure Of Particle Physics Paradigm)

For decades theoreticians of the particle physics persuasion have been selling us failed ideas like string theory, supersymmetry, particle dark matter, etc.

Well, if there is a problem and all you have is unicorn particles (or itty bitty strings) then the answer is always to invent another particle.

The decades-old struggle to unify General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics is called “quantum gravity”. Of course a new particle is de rigeur, and this unicorn particle is called the “graviton”. Why would one take an exquisite theory like General Relativity and degrade it with epicycles? Naturally nature fails to smile on their blundering, and quantum gravity has gone exactly nowhere.

Sometime in the future, theoreticians are going to need to accept that they have been locked in a failed paradigm prison for a very long time. Below is my candidate for the new general paradigm that will one day be required if we want a better understanding of the cosmos.





Student of Nature

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Robert Oldershaw

Robert Oldershaw

Student of Nature

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