This an important part of the Dali Lama’s message. Our lives are too caught up in the artificial, and too devoid of understanding of nature, of our relationship to it, and of our common humanity, as well as of our relationship to all living beings and our dependence on the vast exquisite system we call planet Earth.

COVID-19 is teaching us some important lessons. Do not give power to those whose greed and demagoguery has led us into this state of koyaanisqatsi. We are all part of one human species and bias against any member on the basis of heritage, gender, religion, etc., is evidence of counterproductive ignorance.

Our growing dissociation with nature is a big driver of these problems. Spending time walking in the woods, or the park, is therapeutic. The Japanese call in forest washing (I think). If one does not have ready access to the great outdoors, one can admire the beauty of a house plant or the wonder of pets. One can learn about nature in all its subatomic, biological, stellar, galactic and cosmological glory with books and the internet.

What we should not do when the pandemic abates is fall back upon our old and extremely sub-optimum ways. Think anew. Elect honest leaders with true integrity. Do not be misled by demagogues. Demand respect for science. Hold to account those who put greed and hate above the well-being of our common humanity.




Student of Nature

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Robert Oldershaw

Robert Oldershaw

Student of Nature

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