Revisionist "Quark-Gluon" Plasma Properties.

Regarding the "quark-gluon" plasma "evidence", theoreticians predicted that it would behave like a weakly interacting gas. The RHIC observational evidence says this prediction was WRONG.

The plasma, much to the surprise of theoretical physicists behaved like a "strongly interacting fluid", which is much more like what Discrete Scale Relativity anticipates. Of course, given time the theoretical physicists "adjusted" their model to fit the new data, and now they see it as more confirmation of the "quark" fiction. Another epicycle in their Ptolemaic models.

There is a better way to understand the subatomic realm, and it does not rely on mathematical smoke and mirrors, nor does it need "adjustments". It has stood up to all tests for 40 years: .



Student of Nature

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