Standard LCDM Cosmology Wrong Again

The Standard Cosmological Model (Lambda Cold Dark Matter) firmly predicted that the dark matter would be present at high densities in the centers of galaxies (cusped). Unfortunately for the LCDM model, observations consistently suggested that there was a low density of dark matter in the centers of galaxies (cored).

This predictive failure was followed by heroic and very strained efforts to explain the contrary observations — usually in terms of some form of observational mistake, or bias, or limited data. Such ad hoc “fixes” never passed the smell test.

Now a new and convincing study of the distribution of dark matter in galaxies has confirmed what observations have been telling us all along — the LCDM model has a serious problem.

Here is a link to the new findings: https://phys.org/news/2020-10-mystery-dark-galaxies.html

“In this article, the researchers have shown, using basic physical principles, that the observations can be reproduced on the assumption that the dark matter is in equilibrium, i.e., that it has maximum entropy. The consequences of this result could be very important because they indicate that the dark matter has interchanged energy with itself and/or with the remaining ‘normal’ (baryonic) matter.”

Maybe it’s time to study nature instead of relying on theoretical bias and tortured mathematical twiddling.




Student of Nature

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Robert Oldershaw

Robert Oldershaw

Student of Nature

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