Umair Haque Should Be Called Out

One tires of Umair’s endless monomaniacal bashing of America and Americans, while simultaneously neglecting egregious faults of other countries and their inhabitants.

His latest diatribe fixated on Americans concerned the uncoordinated and selfish response to the pandemic by some Americans. He treats the failings of these Americans as a unique event in the world. Moreover, by implication he tars ALL Americans with the same brush! What this sweaty tent-revival preacher conveniently leaves out of his harangue is the fact that in his own country (UK) the per capita statistics are worse than in America for the last 7 days.

Check this out for some actual facts:

Perhaps Umair would candidly explain his fixation with portraying America in the worst possible light, while giving other countries (some of which are much more deserving of criticism) a hand-waving pass or ignorance.

In the absence of a reasonable and evidence-based justification for what looks to me like egregious bias and verbal bullying, I think Umair should apologize, and amend his hackneyed modus operandi, and become the world citizen that he purports to be.

Student of Nature